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About Us

LeadingBrandsOnline.com is one of the fastest growing online Business-to-Business wholesale & export trading company. We specialize in supplying customers with leading health & beauty, OTC medicines, vitamins, general merchandise, grocery, confectionery, medical supplies and automotive brands with consistent availability, exceptional lead times and maximum product shelf life. With over 4000 branded products to choose from in a wide range of categories, wholesalers, retailers, trading companies among others, have found LeadingBrandsOnline.com to be the best choice for excellent service, quality products, competitive prices, high order accuracy and efficient delivery schedules.

We understand the importance of goods being delivered in a timely and secure manner. We take utmost care in providing the most efficient and reliable logistics partners for packaging, consolidating and shipping goods domestically and worldwide via, multi-temperature, door-to-door, road, sea, and air freight. This is supported with accurate and consistent export documentation, insurance, inspection, testing and health certificates, as well as a continued after sales support by providing all the help and information required until the goods reach the destination and are in your possession.

LeadingBrandsOnline.com provides an all-round service, which creates a one stop shop that accommodates all of our customers needs. From the point your order is generated to its completion we provide a hands-on service, giving our customers the peace of mind that all factors of the process are efficiently handled with continued support from our experienced team.

As a result we guarantee our customers ANY BRAND, ANYWHERE!



At LeadingBrandsOnline.com, we thrive to provide the best service. Our Vision & Core is to operate and achieve the highest standards in the industry and become your only supplier. We aim to provide you with:

 - The best quality products
 - The most competitive pricing
 - Customized shipping solutions
 - Efficient freight forwarding
 - Foreign-to-foreign shipment handling
 - Special documents handling
 - Help & support until you receive your order